Arcanum - Dermopharmacy line
Arcanum - Dermopharmacy Line Arcanum - Dermopharmacy Line Line of sulphur water galenical preparations Line of sulphur water galenical preparations

The company LABORATORIOS AVERROES was born on 14 July 1988 following the medieval Arabic philosophy: merging the
medical and the pharmaceutical professions into a single one. Our field of research is focused in two working lines:

- SULPHUR MINEROMEDICINAL WATERS: Sulphur thermal water from our own source. Bacteria and nascent sulphur which grow within it. The sulphurous water is considered the "Antirradical libre" par excellence, and can be found in our product lines Arcanum
and Galenical preparations. The sulphurous water from Averroes have been declared officially as mineral and public utility for Generalitat de Catalunya.

- PHITOTHERAPY: Medicinal plants strictly from Pharmacopoeias, no popular plants. The result was to obtain exclusive, effective
and safe drugs, without side effects, very suitable for treating the most prevailing diseases in Health Primary care, namely in: RHEUMATOLOGY, DERMATOLOGY, OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY, PNEUMOLOGY Y ALLERGOLOGY. Medicinal plants are in phytotherapy Vademecum prescription.

Line Arcanum


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Line of galenical preparations

Galenical preparations

Mineral medicinal sulphur water has been acknowledged by the "International Society of Medical Hydrology" properties.
Line of Medicinal plants Dr. Pina

Medicinal plants Dr. Pina

Own research. Absolutely medicinal plants, no popular plants. Quality control, according to the rules of the European Council.