Arcanum - Línea de productos cosméticos al agua sulfurada

Línea de productos ArcanumSince the very beginning of Humanity, the man has been seeking the way of having care of his external appearance. For this, he had recourse to the use of ointments, make-up, dyes, baths and perfumes. We owe the term Cosmetic to the Greeks, the best of body beauty.

Nowadays, society and labour life demand a very neat personal appearance. More than ever, dermal processes, without any adverse effect on the health of the person, as Innocuous and/or transitory, constitute a main problem in the modern man scale of values and compulsorily lead to take the opinion of a dermatologist, a house physician and a general practioner, in addition to medical centres skilled in these matters.

To suitably meet these requirements, CENTRO AVERROES developed ARCANUM Dermatological Line, an absolutely medicinal line and directed to health professionals as a tool at the dermo-practices.

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