La Farmacia

The pharmacy

The pharmacyAll our drugs are hand-made, following the Traditional Pharmacy standarts. This obliges us to produce small batches and to keep top hygiene conditions because we use on additives at all, even though they are authorized.

In formulation, we only handle natural raw materials, no synthetic materials; also very labile products such as sulphur water and the microbes which grow in our cultures; on site at the source (in this field, we are pioneer in Europe). Laboratorios Averroes

We also incorporate fats and cerates as those of the remedies used by the Eskimos since far-off times for skin ailments, and not without effort and years of work and failures, because there exists no written tradition on this respect.

Laboratorios AverroesDue to all above, our drugs lack of side-effects and are specially advisable in chronic ailments and patients at risk: old people, children, pregnant women, atopic individuals.

QualityLaboratorios Averroes

The minero-medicinal sulphur water has recognized by the Internacional Society of Medical Hydrology following propierties: Anti-inflammatory and anti-anaphylactic. Anti-allergic.

Laboratorios AverroesRepairing and regenerating the rhino-sinusal, pharyngeal and bronchial mucosa. Immunostimulant. Keratolytic and keratoplastic, depending on the dosage. Regenerating the articular cartilage. Antipruritic. Emollient and desquamative in eczematous dermatosis. Anti free radicals.

Coming from the deepness, volcanic, sodium sulphur, alcaline, weak mineralization, hypotonic and strongly silicated. All these qualities, and all its high silica content significantly strengthen the therapeutical effects of the conventional sulphur waters.

Our strict quality control allows us to standardize the microbian charge and the content of nascent sulphur of our devised and implemented by our Laboratory in order to create an homogenous drug. The rest of the parameters are controlling according to the most demanding pharmacopoeias, European, British, USA and Spanish.