Liquid Soap for Atopic Dermatitis

Liquid Soap for Atopic Dermatitis

Galenical group: Suspension.

Therapeutical indications: Atopic dermatitis. Urticaria. Inguinal candidiasis. Composition: Bareginas. Glycerine. Sodium chloride. Rosemary essential oil. Averroes source sulphur water. Excipient s.q.p. 250 ml. (*)Concentration of nascent sulphur: 0,11%.

Packaging: P.P: 250 ml. pot, topaz with sealing cover.

Instructions for the use: Apply throughout the body skin and scalp. Keep in contact during several minutes before rinsing.
Shake well before use.
External use.
It doesn't contain steroids.

Observations: The emulsion has dark points which are associated to the preparation and which disappear when spreading it on the skin.