Sulphurous Water- Hydropynic treatment

Sulphurous Water- Hydropynic treatment

Indications:Immunostimulant, revitalizing and antioxidant. Especially suitable for highly competitive athletes (triathlon, marathon, climbing, ironman, running, cycling ... etc), for increasing hematocrit, increased vital capacity, protection from muscle injuries, shortening the recovery period post effort .. etc.

Features:Sodium sulphide, bicarbonated, strongly silicated, paucimineral, alkaline, hipotonic.

Composition:Sulphurous Water from Spring Averroes, 100 %.

Directions for use:To drink the amount standard from Sulphurous Water as indicated by Averroes Laboratory.

Internal use

** NOTE: Please note that for the drinking cures (2 weeks of treatment) are required 12 bottles of 500ml.