Inhalation Solution

Inhalation Solution

Galenical group: Inhalation solutions.

Therapeutical indications kids and adults: Influenza. Seromucous plugs.

Thorax congestion. Chronic obstructive disease shaerpening (COPD). Acute sinusitis, acute pharyngitis., acute otitis.

Basic Formula:
SOLUTION 1 - Cherry laurel water. Sodium benzoate. Eucalyptus tincture. Benzoin tincture. Alcohol 96.
SOLUTION 2 - Averroes source sulphur water.

Packaging: SOLUTION 1, PVC 25 ml. flask with seal and sealing plug. SOLUTION 2- PP topaz 500 ml flask of solution 2, shake until homogenizing.
External use.

Instructions for use: Add 25 ml. of the solution to 1 to 500 ml. of solution 2, shake until homogenizing.

Observations: Solution1 has a tubidity which is normal and proper to the Formula, therefore it has to be shaken before mixing with solution 2. Keep the flask horizontal or up side down.