Sulfuretum, Sulphur Water Nasal Spray

Sulfuretum, Sulphur Water Nasal Spray

Galenical Group: Solution for inhalation.

Composition: Averroes source isotonized sulphur water.

Packaging: Spray with glass flask containing 50 ml of solution. Nebulizing micropump without propellent gas. Dosage: 130 mcl per pulse. Nasal applicator and protecting cap. Ozone-friendly.

Therapeutical indications: Allergic rhinitis. Sinusitis. Polyposis. Nasal lavage. Ozena. Nasal congestion. Crust removal. Sport overstrain. Jogging. Cyclism. Mountaineering. Aerobics. Chronic treatment of nasal respiratory inadequacy, open mouth, nasal aspirations, snoring, throat dryness, hyposomnia, rhinophonia, middle ear inflammation, recurrent laryngitism low school performance.

Counter-indications: None has been described.
For external use.
Doesn't produce tolerance nor bouncing back effect.