Emollient Cerate

Emollient Cerate

Galenical group: Cerate.

Therapeutical indications: Sport massage. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Emollient and cicatrizant. Treatment of burns and abrasions produced by the sun and physochemical agents (heat, detergents, products for house cleaning, solvents...). Treatment of cracks and contact dermatitis in the hands. Nipple cracks and irritations. Palm and sole keratosis. Atopic dermatitis.

Basic formula: Averroes source sulphur water. Spermateci. Sesame oil. Rosemary exxential oil.

Packaging: PP 100 ml. pot, with sealing plug, PP 200 ml. pot, with sealing plug, PP 500 ml. pot, with sealing plug

To take the maximum profit from its therapeutical effect it is essential to remove the preparation only with lukewarm water, never use soap. The protecting film left on the skin does not stain.