Extemporaneous Sulphide Mud

Extemporaneous Sulphide Mud

Rheumatology and Physiotherapy: 2 parts of mud/1 part of water.

Gallenical group: Poultice.

Therapeutical indication: Rheumatic etiology processes. Post-traumatic consequences. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Ankylosis. Tendinitis. Bursitis. Contusions. Sprains. Bruises resorption. Antiprophlogistic.

Composition: Dried baregina 1,33 g., Natural clay 65,33 g., Av. Sour. Sulphur water: q.s.p. 100g.

Packaging: PP 500 ml pot sealing cover, contents: 400 g. dried mud, PP 500 ml. topaz pot, with sealing cover and warranty seal, contents: 500 ml sterile sulphur water.

Mud preparation and instructions for use: Heat and add small amounts of sulphur water (never all together) on the dried mud, mixing slowly until every lump disappears and the paste is homogenous. Cover with a 1 to 2 cm layer of mud the affected surface at 45?C duraing 30 minutes.

Use stainless stel, glass or china containers.
External use.
Apply directly on the skin.
It doesn't contain dye nor flavouring.
The preparation has no clostridium spores.
Ratios and temperature can be modified at the medicine doctor discretion.